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Simple EQ

An Equalizer with Cut Filters and Peak Filters, and a spectrum analyzer using C++ 14 with JUCE Framework. Under the instruction of Matkat music.

Developer: Naoyuki Li

  • The Cut and Peak Filters are implemented based on juce::dsp::FilterDesign<float>::designIIRHighpassHighOrderButterworthMethod

  • A FIFO structure is defined for audio buffer handling

  • The Spectrum Analyzer is implemented by a Path Producer structure handling the juce::Path Components, with get FFT result from both left and right channels. A Responsive Curve Element class is defined to handle the curve drawing, with some callback functions.

  • The visuals and click wheels are implemented based on a custom rotary slider class, inherited from the juce::Slider class and also based on the juce::LookAndFeel_V4 class.

  • This dark blue color palette was chosen to conform with the Channel EQ plugin of Logic Pro

  • Download at:

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